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Sentinel Shield Personal Protection Training

Signifying a protective and vigilant approach to personal protection training for both dogs and handlers.

Loyalty & Protection
  Tactically Designed 

Observe the Doberman Pincher as it keenly alerts to an imminent threat, while maintaining its "sit" position and clearly indicating that the threshold has been breached. This exemplifies the confident and assertive demeanor of a highly-trained protection service dog.

Service Work

We provide a complete protection training program to equip dogs with the essential personal and property protection skills.

In Stage 1, we focus on nurturing your dog's natural prey instinct, fostering self-confidence, and minimizing pressure to ensure a solid foundation for subsequent training.

Stage 2 introduces structured control and cues for specific behaviors, progressing at the dog's pace under the guidance of our experienced trainers.

In Stage 3, we combine all previously learned elements, and if appropriate, introduce real-life threats and scenarios to further enhance the dog's capabilities. We also test for noise aversion and redirection of focus during training interactions.


At the elite level, our program is tailored for dogs with exceptional drives and nerves. These elite dogs confidently execute commands off-lead, exhibit precise guarding techniques, intervene in potentially threatening situations, and showcase restraint in high-stress scenarios. Additionally, they can conduct area searches, apprehend perpetrators as required, and engage in advanced training with a bite suit. With the guidance of skilled trainers, elite-level dogs have the potential to achieve remarkable feats.

We are committed to providing high-quality, specialized training that aims to bring out the best in every dog, ensuring the safety and security of our clients.

Take the lead in Training your Dog for Protective Service Work with the following program

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