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The Story behind the Man & the logo

Tru Mission K9's Origins 

Don White was raised in Georgetown, South Carolina, along with his four brothers and one sister. During his childhood, he discovered his natural talent for training dogs, and the breed that held a special place in his heart was the playful, loyal, and misunderstood American Pit Bull Terrier.

Tru Mission K9's red and black logo

As a young black man growing up in America, Don faced various challenges, but it was the scrutiny and suspicion that he and his pit bull terriers received that hurt him the most. Too many times, he found himself in situations where he was not given the chance to know a person before being accused of wrongdoing. There were instances when he was walking his dogs and had the police called on him, just because they looked intimidating.

However, Don did not let these experiences discourage him from pursuing a life of loving the breed. It only fueled his determination to show the world that protective breeds are gentle and loving animals at home and fierce protectors when danger arises. He knew that with patience and advocacy, the scary-looking pit bull could be seen for its intelligence and loyalty.

Black & Gray image of a young black boy and his colorized brown pit bull

Don was actively involved in training dogs in his community to promote responsible dog ownership and educate people. He was often seen leading a pack with his Pitbull, as he wanted to showcase the breed's beauty and demonstrate that they can be well-behaved and loving members of any family with proper training and socialization.

Don had a dog training group where he taught people how to train their dogs to be obedient and well-behaved. However, despite their well-trained dogs, Don and his group faced scrutiny and suspicion from the public. It was not uncommon for them to walk their leashed dogs along the sidewalk, only to have someone call the police purely based on the intimidating appearance of the dogs or the young men.

Police cars lit up in the darkness off night

But Don didn't let these experiences deter him from pursuing a life of loving the breed and working closely with protection dogs. In fact, it only fueled his determination to show the world that pit bulls are as gentle as sheep if you give them the love to flourish. He knew that with patience and advocacy, the scary-looking pit bull could be seen for what it truly is a beautiful and intelligent pup.

Don was determined to show everyone that with love, patience, and advocacy, protective breeds could be gentle and intelligent dogs. His efforts were not in vain, as he received letters from people whose lives were changed for the better after adopting a protection dog breed. Don's talent in training and transforming unwanted destructive behaviors into focused working talents made him popular in his community. His clients were grateful for the education they received from him and the passion and love he put into each dog he trained. Although he was proud of his work, Don knew that there was still much work to be done.

Three pictures of fun and vibrant pit bull dogs

Don was convinced that pit bulls and young black men were often stigmatized and misunderstood, and both faced discrimination and prejudice (and often it was done unintentionally). However, his approach was positive and constructive. He believed that with love, patience, and advocacy, both pit bulls and black men could be seen for who they truly are.

Through his work, Don aimed to change people's perceptions of pit bulls and black men. He was committed to educating people and promoting responsible ownership, which could create a more inclusive and compassionate society. Don's efforts were constructive and aimed at making a positive difference in the world.

A collage of photos of breeds known to be aggressive - being beautiful

Don spent years training dogs as a hobby, but eventually decided to pursue his true passion and dedicate his life to advocating for dogs and training them professionally. This led to the creation of Tru Mission K9's. Don received his certification at Top Tier K9 school in Florida, where he completed the Certified Working Dog® Trainer Program and the Certified Pet Trainer® Program. Today, he specializes in training service and working dogs, with a specific focus on loyalty and protection work. He owns a 20-acre property that he uses to carry out his life's mission.

Don's logo reflects the roots of his story. It features the protective American Pitbull Terrier with a sheep standing at its heart. This symbolizes Don's advocacy for looking beyond the surface and seeking an understanding independent of common narratives.
Black & Gray Minimalist illustration of a pitbulls face

Don's passion for the breed and advocacy work have benefited not just pit bulls but all protective breeds. Furthermore, it has also helped black men in America. Don understands the challenges that young black men face, and he believes that his work with advocating for and working with protection and loyalty service dogs helps to change people's perceptions for the better.

Picture of a neautiful brown pit bull puppy getting petted

Don White's work with protective dog breeds and black men is not just about advocating for one breed or one group of people. It is about promoting love, compassion, and understanding for all. Don believes that by showing love and compassion to all dogs and people, he can help create a better world for everyone.

Don's story, along with the logo, is a story of love, compassion, and advocacy. Through his work with Tru Mission K9, he shows the world that pit bulls, protection dogs, and black men are not as scary or dangerous as they are often portrayed to be. Don's work helps change people's perceptions and promotes a more inclusive and compassionate society. His story is a testament to the power of love, patience, and advocacy, and it serves as an inspiration for us all to be more compassionate and understanding towards others.

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