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K9 Tactical Proficiency Program

The K9 Tactical Proficiency Program is designed to provide advanced and comprehensive training for working K9's and their handlers. Our program is tailored to equip K9 companions with the necessary skills to assist their human counterparts in various situations such as service, rescue, and protection work.

Our K9 Tactical Proficiency Program focuses on teaching advanced tasks such as search and rescue, Protection and service Work, and more. We are committed to providing exceptional training services to ensure that your K9 companion is prepared for the challenges of their work. Our program is designed to develop mastery-level K9 companions who are on the front lines of service.


These skills are invaluable for working K9's, as they enable them to assist their human companions in a variety of situations. Whether it's locating missing individuals, providing security, or performing specific tasks in a service capacity, our program will equip your K9 with the skills they need to excel.

If you're looking for advanced dog training services for your working K9 companion, our K9 Tactical Proficiency Program is the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can support your K9 companion in becoming a well-trained and reliable companion on the front lines of service.

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